The shopping centre

Solvay Park shopping centre first opened its doors to clients on the 6th October 2007.

The compact building is cut through with entry ramps. Its front side is finished with natural stone and three openwork portals – the main entrances on the side elevation – that emphasise the important axes of the centre. The key element of the interior is an atrium additionally lit by daylight passing through an open space in four levels of the building with escalators and panoramic lifts and a water composition of several levels

Internet HotSpot – available free for the centre’s clients.

Ernest Gaston Solvay (1838 – 1922) One of the most outstanding people in Europe at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, he was a Belgian industrialist, scientist and physics enthusiast who invented an industrial method of obtaining sodium carbonate, which he patented in 1861. The fact that the company he subsequently established with his brother Alfred expanded to Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany, the USA and Russia within 15 years is the best proof that this was no banal invention. A branch of his company was also founded in Poland in 1908. But Solvay was not only interested in earning money. From the very first years of his industrial activity he was also a sponsor of scientific development. He supported young and brave scientists, encouraging them to cooperate despite their differences. He organised scientific conferences under his name, inviting lesser- and more well-known scientists. As an enthusiast of quantum physics, he organised a meeting of the most outstanding scientists in 1911: Einstein, Planck, Poincare and Curie-Skłodowska, encouraging them to cooperate for the betterment of world science. He established and was the head of the International Institute for Physics. ‘Solvay’ Sodium Plants are a part of Kraków’s history (although the Solvay company where had its seat in Warsaw and also owned cement plants and mines), and the have sponsored local amateur sports and, during the time of the Second Polish Republic, had their own sports club. And so the name ‘Solvay Park’, created in honour of this great European, is also a part of Kraków tradition – it is as connected with the city as the famous ‘lajkonik’, even though a bit younger! Moreover, in the vicinity of the centre stands the beautiful Solvay park.
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